Remote Scale

The Remote Scales Transmitter/Receiver has been designed by Anything Electronic (NZ) Ltd to assist in log truck loading. This unit enables an operator to see the weight, as read by the in-vehicle weighing system, even while loading the back of the B-train!

The Remote Display is a "life-saver" in two ways.

Firstly for the operator. Heath and safety are big issues these days. There is now no need to continuously climb up and down steep loader/trucksteps, which can be especially treacherous in the wet.

Secondly for the owner. Reducing truck load times. This will keep the trucks on the road where they earn their living.

Important design considerations
small size
low battery consumption
effective range

Operating Voltage 9-28 Volts
Operating Current approx. 200mA
Serial Input 1200 baud 8, N 1
Display 1 Line 16 character backlit LCD
RF Frequency 2.4GHz
Transmit Power 100mW
Network Address over 65,000